Good Storytelling.

You must first Identify the important components.

After that attention to detail and careful planning are paramount.





Facts Tell, but Stories Sell – Video Storytelling


It is a fact that people retain up to 20 times more information if that information is related to them through a story, as opposed to   pure fact alone. It’s a beautiful quirk of human nature that we are always looking for a narrative. Stories make facts more memorable, and provide an emotional hook for your audience to latch on to and bring with them.


“Facts Tell, but Stories Sell!

Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling.”

 Bryan Eisenberg





Good storytelling doesn't just happen!

Like building a house, stories need careful planning, and sound foundations.

Your stories must appeal to your audience on a number of different levels.

This was recognized many centuries ago by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, when he condensed the rules of persuasion into “Ethos, Logos, Pathos” which roughly translates as ‘the hand, the head and the heart.’


Basically meaning that you need a three pronged approach when appealing for an audience’s attention. The theory being that you need to appeal to both logic and the emotions, and that appeal needed to come from a person who has the respect of the audience, ‘Ethos’ here referring to the credibility or the authority of the storyteller.



Keeping your audience’s attention.

Modern times have seen the average reader’s attention span collapse. As well as that, our stories now have to compete against thousands of other stories, flying from all directions; internet, radio, newspapers, apps etc.; which are constantly vying for our attention at the same time. 


This issue, called ‘Noise,’ occurs where the viewer, listener or reader has so many choices that they find it hard to make a choice. It is one of the biggest challenges for modern marketers and indeed for all storytellers today.  It is one of the intrinsic qualities of video, that when a video is well conceived and produced, it can be one of the best media forms to grab an audience’s attention and cut through the noise.



Most important rule to know – don’t bore your audience!

In any storytelling enterprise, the cardinal sin is to bore your audience. Every story needs to be told in an interesting and engaging way if it is to be successful in communicating the intended message and holding your audience. There are a multitude of different ways a story can be told, but choosing the right angles, leaving out the fluff, and arranging optimum distribution for maximum impact are key aspects of what we do.  



Only the really good storytellers win!

The technology side of getting your story presented and delivered is relatively straightforward; developing your story, that’s a little bit trickier. That’s where the skill and dare we say, talent, comes in.


At DomusDp, our creative, artistic and technological knowledge; and our experience and love of our craft gives us a huge advantage when it comes to video storytelling. We will craft your story so that it is one that can be appreciated by your target audience. By taking a holistic approach to content production, we can make sure that your stories matter. Remember, facts tell, but stories sell.




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