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You create content to build an audience

Question :

Guess what your greatest business asset is?


It’s not your email list, website or even your products or services … not directly anyhow.


Your greatest business asset is your audience.

There are the people who are listening, reading, watching and following what you have to say.

Attracting their interest and keeping their attention is enormously important.

The content that you produce for them must be interesting, informative, entertaining and engaging.


Is it Good Content or Bad Content?


"They want something that makes them look smarter for sharing it. 
And they want (you) to solve their problems quickly and efficiently.
If your content supports those audience goals, it’s good content.
If it doesn’t, it’s lousy content."


Again this is where good storytelling shines.

Creating relevant content that has a coherent narrative; something that your audience respects enough to share

with their own audience, (their colleagues and friends); that is the key.

Then you will have Your Audience.


Content Creation. Art or Science?


In reality Content Creation is both. It is an art and a science.

You have to constantly innovate to come up with creative ways to present your ideas, your story and your brand to your audience.

The artistic element of the equation comes in when you are presenting your story in an engaging, informative and entertaining manner.

The scientific part involves the systematic testing, measuring and evaluation of your work to see what works and what doesn’t,

and then swiftly responding by adjusting until it hits the mark.

The gold lies in them ‘thar’ analytics and metrics.

It is only by maintaining this cycle of innovation, production and testing, that you can keep your audience engaged and involved.

And of course, there are additional advantages to be gleaned from having a healthy content production calendar.

By keeping your content fresh and constantly updated, the search engines will bestow even greater riches in the form of

… bigger audience numbers and greater traffic.



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