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  • Help us to bring your story to a greater audience

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    We can take your story, lose the noise and bring out the beauty.

  • Good storytelling at its core, is a very simple proposition.

    SO, " Video Marketing, eh?"

    It does however involve a multitude of interconnected elements woven together skillfully and carefully to do it properly. If all elements are not present, like any good sauce, it will leave a bad taste in your mouth and your audience will miss the point.

  • It's all about having great equipment. Right?

    Although it definitely helps, having great equipment is only a small part of getting your story told. The most important work goes on behind the scenes.

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  • Being able to tell your story is an important asset to your company

    What's YOUR story?

    Being able to tell your company's story in a convincing and compelling way is one of the most important aspects of marketing today. What's your story?

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  • The Power of Video

    Don't just take our word for it, everybody is talking about the power of video to produce results... Our expertise can help you produce great video.

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Corporate Video Production

Irish Digital Video Production Company

We provide solid, creative, trackable marketing solutions for the Digital Age. We use all the bounty that 'Internet 2.0' provides, and we combine it with some transmedia magic to create effective video storytelling solutions. Solutions that produce positive results in today's tough business environment. Corporate Video Production - Dublin, Kilkenny and the rest of Ireland.

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  • Who we are.

    We have many years of storytelling experience, working across many different forms of media. We can use our skills and experience to mold your message for delivery over multiple platforms.

  • What we do

    In any enterprise, the cardinal sin is to bore your audience. Every story needs to be told in an interesting and engaging way if it is to be successful in holding your audience and communicating your intended message. There are a multitude of different ways a story can be told, but choosing the right angles, leaving out the fluff and getting optimum distribution are key aspects of what we do.

  • How we do it

    There are no new stories, just ones that haven't been told yet. We will listen to your story, observe your company and brainstorm a solution custom-built to your particular circumstances and budget. You will be pleasantly surprised at how reasonable our rates are.

More than just a video production company.

Engaging content - its all about how you weave your story.

Corporate Video Production – Dublin, Kilkenny

Storytelling is the buzzword of the moment. Everybody is talking about storytelling … but not many people understand how simple and yet how powerful storytelling can be for your brand or your business.

Domus Video is a film & video production company. The most important part of our business is to be able to communicate and tell stories properly using all the skills, knowledge and experience we have accumulated. We love storytelling…

… and well, we are really good at it.

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At Domus Video, our well-trained and committed staff have extensive experience in all aspects of storytelling. From books to newspaper journalism and digital marketing; from digital media and web content production to documentary and film-making, we have been there and well … we’ve lived to tell the story.

If you have a story to tell you should talk to us first. We’ll show you how to best present and package your story for maximum impact.

At Domus Video we provide creative video production services for corporate, commercial and charity organizations nationwide.

We provide a full video production service … from the initial concept to script writing, production planning, filming, editing, interviews, green-screen, lighting, editing, colour grading etc. We can also help you with Video Marketing, Video SEO, content production and a lot more.

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Video Production

Domus Digital Productions / DOMUS VIDEO, provide Creative Corporate Video Production – Dublin, Kilkenny and across Leinster and Munster, Ireland. We are a full service video production company and will take your project from initial idea to a polished and professional marketing, branding , educational, informational or instructional video within a very short timescale.


To tell your story properly today - you need a '21st century skill-set'

Our expertise helps you get the job done.


Our expertise is liberating.

Our expertise in a multitude of disciplines helps to get your story across more effectively and frees you up for the more important stuff …

We are …


Content ProducersDigital Marketers

Multimedia Creators

Email Marketers

Video Producers
Film MakersScript Writers

Website Designers

Content Marketers


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Corporate and Business Video Production – Dublin, Kilkenny

Creative Corporate and Commercial Digital Video Production

Digital Media Production – Video, Audio, Photography, Animation, Multimedia, Story Creation, Editing & Distribution.