Sound Thinking.

Sound Thinking – Is it important?


A new series featuring famous quotations from the film and video business

This week we are introducing the first in our series of short clips about famous quotes from the world of film and video production. The first clip is embedded here from Twitter, but you can also catch it on our YouTube channel and now on our newly instigated Instagram channel.


Each of the clips will be about 30 to 60 seconds in duration and will feature an idea or concept that is relevant to the world of film and video. Here on our blog we will go into more detail and discuss the background and relevance of each of the quotations featured in each of the clips.



This week’s ‘Q-Clip’

This week we feature a quotation from the great George Lucas, writer/director/producer of the ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ franchises amongst others; where he discusses the importance of sound in film.


Our ‘Q-Clip’ quote reads, ‘Sound is 50% of the experience;’ often misquoted as ‘Sound is half the picture’, but it still adds up to the same thing, that sound is really, really important when it comes to video and film production.


If you look at any of his major works you can see that he put as much money and thought into creating amazing soundscapes as he did into creating those powerful special effects. The word pioneer is rightly applied to his name but of course you are off to a good start, sound-wise at least, if you have a composer of the stature of John Williams on your side to chip in with one of his amazing iconic scores.


But Lucas was always adamant that they got the sound right. They’d work for weeks and often longer to get the tiniest sound right. Indeed this is just one of the reasons that the first couple of Star Wars films took between 4 and 5 years at a time to make. But think of Star Wars without R2-D2’s beeps, boops and whistles; or the breathing of Darth Vader, the distinctive thrum of the light sabres, etc., and you can see his point. Attention to sound pays off.


And Lucas is not alone in his thinking about sound.


Films are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual. - David Lynch


How does this translate to corporate video production.

This fixation with sound has been around for a long time, and if you work in film and video production at any level today, you must have, pardon the pun, a ‘sound grasp‘ of the basics of good audio acquisition.

When I first started working in this business, an old sound engineer I worked with gave me a bit of his wisdom that has remained with me. He told me that …


People will watch a film with bad picture quality and good sound,
                 …but not the other way around!

Which basically translates to the fact that an audience will not watch a video with bad sound, even if it has good visual quality!


Its too hard to watch, it is too much hard work. As storytellers we must strive to grab attention; and when we do we must educate, entertain and inform. Distractions in any form, (and bad sound is one of the worst distractions,) will inevitably mean that your viewing audience has already moved on. We are after all in an era where the audience as critics has two critical modes when viewing videos. Those modes are either ‘Good’ or ‘Off;’ if it is good and can keep their attention, they will watch; otherwise they have moved on.


Good sound is a big part of the secret to keeping them on your side. This short example illustrates the point fairly well.



Its easy to get right – if you know what to do.

But good sound quality is easy enough to achieve. And with a little bit of thought and preparation your production sound can be as sweet as honey. Here at Domus Video we take great care to make sure that we have the best sound to work with.

In our next post we will show you how we do it.


Just havin’ a laugh!

To finish off, here is an entertaining video that illustrates what it is like to work as the sound man on a film set. The sound equipment can be highly sensitive, as can the directors, apparently! Enjoy.


The Power of Video – A couple of words from Michio Kaku

Its a mantra here at DomusDp that video, when properly produced, is one of the most persuasive forms of communication.

Here in this short video, Dr. Michio Kaku, the famous theoretical physicist, discusses how pictures, videos and images help us understand the universe. The power of video is the power of the mind! He touches upon the human brain and power it holds.

As Einstein said, “Unless a theory could have been explained to a child, the theory is probably useless.” All the great theories in the world are not equations. They’re based on simple principles, which could be manifested as pictures, as video images. It’s by images, pictures and videos, that we understand the universe.




Why ‘Domus’ as a name for a Creative Video Production Company?

Why choose ‘Domus’ as a name for a Video Production Company?


Why choose ‘Domus’ as a name for a Creative Video Production Company? What is ‘Domus?’ What does the name stand for? Good questions.


The Intellectual Answer
OK.  The intellectual answer first. If you look it up in a dictionary, you’ll find that the word “Domus’ has latin origins.
It actually referred to the houses of citizens’ of the Roman Republic. Not any house either, mind you.
No sir, it referred to the aristocratic houses of the ruling classes. So far so good.
Hope you are still with me.


The Interesting Answer
When we were looking for a name for the company, the latin connection did not enter our consciousness. That was, of course, until we came up with a couple of the key activities which we intended our nascent enterprise to be involved in. The most important of these we thought, were storytelling and marketing.
And using our background in documentary production and journalism we came up with the not too shabby, DOMUS.

So if you wanted a definition of the acronym it would equate to “Documentary Oriented Marketing Using Storytelling Strategies”.


Text - Explanation of our name


Yeah. We spotted it too. There are two “S’s” there at the end.

But you know what, after all that hard work we allowed our selves a little bit of artistic license.
Anyway, two “S’s” would have made it sound too much like ‘Bagpuss’, that grumpy old cat from TV in years gone by.


Bagpuss – not to be confused with Domus(s)!



The Real Answer.
You could say that the real answer is a combination of both of the above with a little dollop of authentic marketing magic thrown in. We wanted a name that would stick. A name that was different. Something that people would be curious about but at the same time one which they would remember.
The fact that we had a story behind the name was a plus, as was the fact that the acronym had relevance to our area of business.

Simply put, we intend to use documentary and filmmaking techniques to produce marketing campaigns to tell the story of the organizations we work with, and the name ‘Domus Digital Productions’ encapsulates this neatly. Don’t you think?


And you’ll be working from a house? A ‘DOMUS’?
Enough already!!!





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