Tell Your Story with Video

Tell Your Story With Video

~ Corporate Video Production ~


To tell your story properly  – you need a 21st century skill-set.



As a Corporate Video Production company we provide solid, creative, trackable, digital age marketing solutions using all the bounty that ‘Internet 2.0’, (the social web), provides. Combine that with some of our creative magic and we can create some really memorable storytelling solutions. Solutions that produce actionable results that are both immediate and long lasting; a massive advantage at any time, but especially so in today’s competitive business environment. Video gives companies an edge, especially if your competitors are not using video yet.

And believe it or not, many of your competitors are not yet using video!

Even if your competitors are already using video … don’t worry.
Talk to us first and we’ll craft a cost-effective package to get you and your company up and running with video – right away.


Your clients are turning to video more and more for quick solutions. It is a fact that video is an expected option on the majority of corporate, retail and service websites for today’s customers. When interested parties visit your website, they now do so in the expectation that they will come across a video explaining what they are looking for.


Now; rather than having to wade through a library-sized database of information; they want the work done for them and they want the information they seek presented to them in the form of a simple-to-understand short video. With video you are getting an incredible opportunity to put your services, your brand and your unique selling point front-and-centre, for 3 whole minutes of their undivided attention. What an incredible opportunity?

We can provide those videos for you. ‘We can be your video department!’

We can be …



We are a multi-disciplined bunch here at Domus Video and we can call on many different skills to develop the potential in your story.

We use our creative, artistic and technological talents to craft a clear and engaging storyline for your company or business. Corporate video production and corporate storytelling combines both art and science.



Here’s how our skills can help your business …

Video MarketingCorporate Video Production
We spend time getting to know you and your business. We find out who your audience is, where they reside, both digitally and geographically, and we find out what you want to say to them and the actions you want them to take. Then we skillfully craft your story, giving it context and life, adding a structured narrative with memorable images and sound. And then …
Well then, we get it out there!  We upload, distribute and promote it with your audience, your clients and your customers. We test and analyze the response, and we modify our output according to the response received. Simples! Then we just rinse and repeat.


Microphone IconStorytelling
First and foremost – the most important skill required to prosper in business today! Every business should have a position of Chief Storyteller. Mark our words, it will be one of the most skilled job functions in years to come! In the meantime, let us fulfill that function for you.
Domus Video Productions can tell your story in an attractive and engaging way that will help build the reach and quality of your brand.


Content Creation & bloggingContent Production, Writing and Presentation
Content is King. Your unique content gets clients and customers to notice you. We can produce high quality content for your business for distribution through online, broadcast or traditional channels. Writing compelling content in today’s key-phrase dominated business world is a tough task. We have years of experience in producing content for almost every channel of distribution. 


Web DevelopmentDigital Marketing, Website Design and Website Optimization.
We will help you to use your online presence as a pro-active sales tool for inbound marketing. Quality of traffic is much more important that quantity. We take a holistic approach to getting the right traffic to see your content. This will involve looking at SEO, site design, server speed, bounce rates, analytics, etc., to make sure your video and multimedia content is as effective as possible.


Responsive Content DeliveryMultimedia Creation
We are a talented bunch here at Domus Video Productions and  our multimedia production skills range from iBooks to apps, computer graphics to motion graphics, voice-overs, podcasts, and general audio & video recording and editing. Have a look at a complete list of  Our Services to see how we can help you.


Once we have decided on a broad outline of your story; and depending on the scale of your project; we can then begin planning how to add depth and further audience interaction to your story. We can add different levels of functionality,  layering your story for delivery to a myriad of devices and channels using interactive transmedia viral marketing techniques.

Let ‘Domus Video’ be your Video Production Department.

~ Corporate Video Production ~


Tell Your Story With Video


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