How We Do It

Good storytellers are great listeners.






How We Do It –  Really Effective Branding & Marketing Videos.


‘There are no new stories, just ones that haven’t been told yet.’


The way we work is quite simple.

We will sit down with you and discuss what your goals are.
We will talk about your company’s history; where you are now; and where you see your company going in the future.
We will want to hear how your company is different and how you stand out from your peers.


We Listen and Observe

We will listen to your story, visit your premises, observe your company, and even talk to employees and customers.
We will conduct a full audit of all your company literature. We will look at your brochures, your advertising, your branding and your website design.
We will then begin to peel away the layers to reveal your company’s real story, the story that will best represent your company to the world.
We will then be ready to formulate a plan, custom-built to your particular circumstances and budget, to help you present and disseminate your story to the world.


Bite-sized chunks are best.

Getting your audience involved means respecting them and not pushing your entire story on them all in one go.
Breaking down your story into bite-sized chunks that are easily digestible makes for really effective branding & marketing videos.
By giving your audience short snippets, they will retain information better and more importantly, if done correctly, their appetite for similar content from your company will be amplified to such an extent that they will tell others. They will eventually become your customers, and your story will become embedded in the culture of your company and your customers. And of course those happy customers will tell others…


This is what makes our strategy and approach so effective.


High rewards – small outlay.

As far as cost is concerned, you will be pleasantly surprised as to how even the most budget conscious businesses can now afford quality video production.


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At DomusDp, we can plan, produce, script, film, edit your video for you. We will even promote it for you online and do all the video SEO for you so it is Search Engine friendly. Remember Google loves video, especially if it has something unique and interesting to say.