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Domus Digital Productions / Domus Video is an Ireland based video production company. We specialise in corporate and commercial communications; marketing and promotional videos and documentary production.  The company is run by Dom Mealy MSc. DFFP.
At Domus, we are first and foremost, storytellers. Our well-trained and committed staff have real-life experience in all aspects of storytelling. Whatever form your story lends itself to, we have been there and well … we’ve lived to tell the story. We can build your story into a package that will secure a loyal audience for you, your company and your products for years to come.
Coming, as we do, from a traditional media background in magazines, newspaper journalism and book publishing, our expertise and experience fuses really well with digital content production. Digital marketing, social media marketing, web content production, digital content marketing, as well as digital audio and video production are all part of the arsenal of tools we use to tell a story.
The way we work is quite simple. We find out who your customers are and where they reside, geographically and digitally. We tie down what they like to read, hear and see. Then we plan, produce, script, film, direct and edit content that will appeal to them on a number of levels. We provide useful and interesting content specifically tailored to your audience, your customers. Content that through analytics and other tools we can track, analyse and monitor for effectiveness. Then we rinse and repeat on a regular basis, while you steadily build the loyalty and respect of your audience.
By working across many channels and forms of media, we can get your story to your target audience in an engaging, informative, and entertaining format that your customers will love. By producing content in digestible, ‘episodic’ chunks; we will leave your audience anticipating more and hopefully, if we are all doing our jobs right, sharing it with their friends.
That is what can make our strategy and our approach so effective for your business.

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"That's us... a multi-talented, multi-skilled, kinda multi-media company."

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